About Gaston County Veteran Collaborative

In October of 2016 a group of Gaston County Veterans met to to gain an appreciation of the overall wellbeing of Gaston Veterans as they transitioned from their military service and reintegrated back into their communities. The group formed into the Gaston County Veterans Collaborative (GCVC). The GCVC or Collaborative is an apolitical assembly of Veterans represented by those who have served in each branch of the United States military as well as representation by a spouse and a parent of currently serving Veterans.


The Collaborative was founded upon one presuppositional truth. The Collaborative sensed that Veterans would be the most qualified to assess the well-being of the Veterans and their families as they transitioned from the military and reintegrated back into their communities for the simple reason each member of the Collaborative has experienced the challenges of rejoining their communities. This presuppositional truth has borne itself out as the Collaboratives members represent over 250 years of combined military service against a backdrop a deep and rich commitment as engaged citizens of Gaston County. The result of their collaboration and communication is the development of a realistic strategy that will help improve the well-being of Gaston County Veterans.